Who are the Fund Managers?

GLICO Fixed Income Fund is managed by GLICO Capital Limited. The Fund Manager is
staffed by seasoned fund management professionals guided by strong ethical standards
and professionalism in the Investment Management Industry. Our professionals have a
wealth of experience in the management of Corporate Provident and Pension Funds,
Private Wealth Management for High-Net-Worth clients and Collective Investment

How do I redeem part or exit the Fund?

I have other investments; can I also invest in the GLICO Fixed Income Fund?

Yes. The GLICO Fixed Income Fund is another investment tool that allows the investor to
diversify his/her investment holdings while earning additional regular income.

How long should I hold my investment in the Fund?

Investors have the flexibility to maintain their investments for any duration; nevertheless,
we recommend a minimum holding period of six (6) months to facilitate potential growth of
their funds.

How do I monitor the performance of my investment?

The value of your investment can be viewed at any time through our client portal.

How do I get information on my investment?

Quarterly and full year client’s statements and reports showing all monies received,
purchases made at various prices, total deposits and accumulated shares, value of
investment and returns made.

What are the risks for investing in GFIF?

All investments carry some degree of risk. The potential risks associated with GFIF are:

  1. Credit risk: the possibility that the issuer of a security may be unable to make interest
    payments and/or repay the principal on its debt.
  2. Interest rate risk: fluctuations in the value of a fixed income security resulting from
    changes in the general level of interest rate in the economy.

The Fund shall invest solely in fixed income and money market securities. Can I decide on where my money should be invested?

No, The Fund manager oversees the composition and management of the Fund's
portfolio in accordance with the Fund’s investment policy and guidelines. Shareholders,
while not directly owning the securities purchased by the Fund, hold shares in GLICO Fixed
Income Fund, making them partial owners.

What returns do I make?

While the Fund's return is not guaranteed, our commitment to maximizing benefits for
shareholders drives us to adhere to strict asset selection and risk management standards.
All returns are calculated after deducting charges.

How do I make payments?