Research & Analysis

Research and Analysis is an integral part of GLICO Capital’s overall fund management process.

The Company’s research scope includes the Ghanaian and global economy, the investment environment, the Ghana Stock Market and other stock exchanges, and in depth industry research.

GLICO Capital also generates reports based on efficient analytical discipline, macro and micro level economic analysis and the provision of supporting information tools for investment selection.

Corporate Finance Advisory

GLICO Capital has put together an expert Advisory team which sets itself apart through professional expertise and client sensitive approach to providing business solutions.

We assesses the financial needs of our institutional and individual clients thereby assisting them in the development and implementation of their strategic financial objectives.

Our Corporate Finance and Advisory services cover a range of services including:

Provident Fund Management & Welfare Administration

As your organization grows or strives for excellence, it is important to recognize that one of your greatest assets driving the growth are your organization’s employees.

Employees form a critical part of an organization’s engine which drives growth. This is why GLICO Capital recognizes the importance of your organization keeping its employees well-motivated by providing them with a bespoke welfare package.

GLICO Capital has essentially designed a Welfare Scheme which supports employees in the form of cash payout during child birth, wedding, funeral etc.

The GLICO Capital Welfare Scheme also has an additional benefit feature that allows employees to borrow from the scheme for other needs such as rent and tuition for wards.

Pension Fund Management

We provide Pension Fund Management services to some of the large Master Trust Schemes, Group Personal Pension Schemes (GPPS) and Employer Sponsored Schemes (ESS) in Ghana. Our team of experts conduct thorough research relying on modern analytical tools so as to manage the pension funds to obtain the best returns while safeguarding the funds.

Apart from the Master Trust Schemes, our pension desk also offers retirement planning and wealth management services to high net worth individuals. We develop investment portfolios in compliance with industry regulations to ensure the safety of our portfolio.

Institutional & Individual Fund Management

GLICO Capital offers a specialized investment products designed exclusively to meet individual and institutional financial goals. We believe investments should improve an investor’s economic conditions and wellbeing.

Your investment objectives/goals could be in the form of capital expenditure (institutional expansion), acquiring a property, a dream vehicle, a comfortable retirement, leaving an inheritance etc. whatever you seek to achieve as an investor, just talk to us; we would tailor-make your investment plan to achieve your objectives/goals.

Our Institutional & Individual Fund Management service offers both individuals and corporate bodies the ability to manage their cash/treasury positions as investments are tailored and designed according to the unique liquidity needs of our clients.