GLICO Fixed Income Fund (GFIF)

GLICO Fixed Income Fund (GFIF) is an open-ended mutual fund which seeks to maximize
cash returns for investors.
The goal of the fund is to provide an option for pension funds, institutional investors and
individuals who want a short-term, near-zero risk allocation within their investment portfolio.
GFIF is suitable for investors seeking:

  • A secure, short-term home for their liquid assets;
  • Higher yields than call accounts; and
  • Instant liquidity.
    The fund utilizes a short-term income, security and liquidity focused strategy.
    Investment Objective: The GFIF seeks to maximize short-term income while ensuring
    immediate liquidity by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities and
    money market instruments such as government securities, corporate bonds, commercial
    papers and fixed deposits.
    Liquidity: GFIF is designed to provide investors with instant liquidity and higher yields than
    call accounts. Shareholders have access to instant liquidity by wholly or partially redeeming
    shares in the fund to the settlement account of their choice.
    Eliminate cash drag: The fund allows investors to put their cash to work in a simple and
    convenient way without compromising on safety or security.

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GLICO Fixed Income Fund is managed by GLICO Capital Limited. The Fund Manager is
staffed by seasoned fund management professionals guided by strong ethical standards
and professionalism in the Investment Management Industry. Our professionals have a
wealth of experience in the management of Corporate Provident and Pension Funds,
Private Wealth Management for High-Net-Worth clients and Collective Investment

  • Initiate the withdraw process conveniently from the fund manager’s website:
  • Complete a redemption/withdrawal form online or walk into the fund manager’s
    premises to fill out a withdrawal form
  • Payment is made by bank transfer to the investor’s account details within 24 hour

Yes. The GLICO Fixed Income Fund is another investment tool that allows the investor to
diversify his/her investment holdings while earning additional regular income.

Investors have the flexibility to maintain their investments for any duration; nevertheless,
we recommend a minimum holding period of six (6) months to facilitate potential growth of
their funds.

The value of your investment can be viewed at any time through our client portal.

Quarterly and full year client’s statements and reports showing all monies received,
purchases made at various prices, total deposits and accumulated shares, value of
investment and returns made.

  • You will have access to the growth of your fund via the client portal hosted on the website

All investments carry some degree of risk. The potential risks associated with GFIF are:

  1. Credit risk: the possibility that the issuer of a security may be unable to make interest
    payments and/or repay the principal on its debt.
  2. Interest rate risk: fluctuations in the value of a fixed income security resulting from
    changes in the general level of interest rate in the economy.

No, The Fund manager oversees the composition and management of the Fund's
portfolio in accordance with the Fund’s investment policy and guidelines. Shareholders,
while not directly owning the securities purchased by the Fund, hold shares in GLICO Fixed
Income Fund, making them partial owners.

While the Fund's return is not guaranteed, our commitment to maximizing benefits for
shareholders drives us to adhere to strict asset selection and risk management standards.
All returns are calculated after deducting charges.

  • E-channel top-ups via the website: through the specified payment
    platforms. Direct bank transfers can be done.
  • Standing Order to your bank for regular monthly deductions into your GLICO Fixed
    Income Fund Investment Account.

You will need the following:

  1. A Valid National ID Card
  2. Two (2) passport size pictures (digital or hardcopy depending on your sign-up mode).
  3. A completed GLICO Fixed Income Fund application form via the website.
    (Forms can be obtained on any working day from the offices of the manager, GLICO Capital
    Limited office located at No. 3A Digya Lane, Airport Residential Area, Accra or downloaded
    from the manager's website:

The minimum investment amount required to open and maintain an account in GLICO
Fixed Income Fund PLC is GHS 50. The minimum investment amount required to add to an
existing investment account is GHS 25.00.

The Fund mobilizes the savings of shareholders into a big pool and invests these funds on
their behalf. Through investments in fixed-income securities, it generates interest and
coupons, reinvesting all proceeds back into the fund.

GLICO Fixed Income Fund is primarily designed for pension funds, institutional investors
and individuals that desire to earn a good return on their cash positions while maintaining a
high level of liquidity and safety.

Services of a professional fund manager.

  • Enjoy the rewards of a diversified portfolio.
  • No front or exit loads.
  • Liquidity and Flexibility.
  • Avenue for good returns than a savings account.

To address your financial needs in the short to medium term, such as preparing for a
business opportunity, managing monthly household expenses, or securing funds for your
child's education, we're here to support you every step of the way.

The GLICO Fixed Income Fund is a collective investment scheme that seeks to provide
maximum current income that is consistent with maintaining liquidity and preserving
capital by investing in a diversified portfolio of fixed-income securities and money market

It is a short-term collective investment scheme that pools the funds of a group of investors
known as shareholders and manages it on their behalf.

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